Personal Training & Rehabilitation

At RMPhysio we offer one to one and small group personal training in our fully equipped gym studio. Our credited Personal Trainers & Exercise Physiologists have the knowledge and experience to design a program based on your specific goals to get you the results you are looking for, whether that be training for an upcoming event, general fitness or rehabilitation following injury or surgery.

How our Exercise Physiologist can help you

You’ve not exercised regularly before?
You will have a program designed specifically to reach your goals as well as having the one-on-one attention to teach you the right way to exercise, in a non threatening environment, to gain the most results with every workout.

Have you been working out for a while but not getting the results you want?
Our team can assess what you have been doing and why it’s not working for you. We can also push you past your plateau & challenge your body so you see the results you been trying to gain in the past.

Weekend Warriors & Athletes
Training for a triathlon, trying to gain a new personal best, competing for the school team -  having a specifically designed program for your sport, age & body type is your key to success.

Post surgery or injury recovery – We'll work together with our Physio team to build a program working around your injury and to train your whole body so that it supports the injured area, allowing it to gain strength faster. Your body will heal faster getting you back to your optimum health and lifestyle sooner. 

To make an appointment, or for more information, contact (07) 3161 2837