Health Products

We have a range of Health Products available at our clinic to assist your treatment and recovery. To discuss your needs or purchase any of our Health Products, please contact us on (07) 3161 2837.
Posture Pro

A simple back pain tool designed to help relieve the symptoms of back pain caused by muscle tightness and poor posture.

Physio Max Trigger Ball

Used to get deeper into muscles to release trigger points and tension.

Foot Eze

Used to release tight muscle fascia found in the arch of the foot and relieve stiffness in the joints of your foot.

Ripple Roller

Great for general use on releasing fascial tightness and improving Spinal mobility.

Rock Roller

With its tough inner core, the Rock Roller will create additional pressure that athletes often look for when relieving muscle tightness.

Ice Pack

Fantastic for the convenient for the application of ice to an injury.

Stretch Straps

A dynamic device to improve flexibility and range of motion.


Get deep into high tension muscles in the neck, traps and upper pack, even those hardest-to-reach muscle areas.